Product Description and Properties of Piroctone olamine
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Product Description and Properties of Piroctone olamine

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Internationally, people attach great importance to the safety of the use of anti-dandruff and antipruritic agents, and the testing is also extremely strict, generally including acute toxicity, subacute toxicity, chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity, embryotoxicity and teratogenicity toxicity, mutagenicity, skin absorption, and skin irritation. All toxicity indicators of Piroctone olamine are the lowest among similar anti-dandruff and antipruritic agents, so Piroctone olamine is the safest to use. It is currently the only one that can be used in leave-on hair products such as hair cream, hair gel, mousse, and hair dye. Next, let's take a look at the product description and properties of Piroctone olamine.

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  • Product description and information for Piroctone olamine.

  • Six properties of Piroctone olamine.

Product description and information for Piroctone olamine.

Piroctone olamine is used in shampoos, conditioners, liquid soaps, cosmetics, skincare, and toiletries. Among them, the content of Piroctone olamine in leave-on products is 0.05%~0.01%; the content of Piroctone olamine in rinse products is 0.3%~0.4%. Piroctone olamine is easily soluble in ethanol and slightly soluble in water. It is safe, non-toxic, and non-irritating. To date, it is the only anti-dandruff anti-itching agent available in leave-in hair care products. In addition, Piroctone olamine has a broad-spectrum killing effect on fungi and molds and has an excellent therapeutic effect on tinea pedis. The shelf life of Piroctone olamine is generally 36 months. It is worth noting that we need Piroctone olamine to be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place; away from heat, sparks, open flames, or hot surfaces; away from incompatible materials and food; avoid contact with iron containers.

Six properties of Piroctone olamine.

First, Piroctone olamine anti-dandruff and antipruritic effect are better than similar products. Second, Piroctone olamine has excellent solubility and formulation compatibility, and will not precipitate and delaminate when mixed with other cosmetic ingredients. Third, Piroctone olamine has a unique anti-dandruff mechanism that ensures low irritation without hair loss and breakage. Fourth, Piroctone olamine has the function of sterilization and deodorization and can be used in soap liquid and deodorant products. Fifth, Piroctone olamine can replace preservatives in cosmetics and meet the growing demand for "high-efficiency, low-irritant, preservative-free" cosmetics. Sixth, Piroctone olamine has an obvious thickening effect. After using Piroctone olamine, no or only a little thickener can be added to the shampoo, which simplifies the production process, increases the stability of the product, and reduces the production cost.

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