Product advantages of Piroctone olamine
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Product advantages of Piroctone olamine

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Piroctone olamine has been used in the market for 30 years. It can fundamentally block the external channels of dandruff through sterilization, anti-oxidation, and decomposition of peroxides, to effectively cure dandruff and relieve itching. Compared with the commonly used anti-dandruff agent ZPT (zinc pyridinium), Piroctone olamine has the same anti-dandruff effect as ZPT and has excellent solubility and compounding without precipitation and stratification. In addition, Piroctone olamine has low biological toxicity and is environmentally friendly. With the EU listing ZPT as a CMR1B substance and banning it from cosmetics, Piroctone olamine will gradually replace the use of ZPT. Next, let's take a look at the product advantages of Piroctone olamine.

Here is the content list:

  • Piroctone olamine has no degreasing and excellent anti-dandruff and anti-itching properties

  • Piroctone olamine is less irritating

  • Additional product benefits of Piroctone olamine

Piroctone olamine has no degreasing and excellent anti-dandruff and anti-itching properties.

At present, some common anti-dandruff agents on the market have a strong degreasing effect while exerting a bactericidal and anti-dandruff effect. Long-term use of such anti-dandruff agents will cause the atrophy of the sebaceous glands in the cortical hair follicles and the reduction of sebum secretion, which will not only accelerate the aging of epidermal cells and increase dandruff but also cause dry and yellowing hair, even peeling and broken hair and other adverse reactions. And Piroctone olamine has no degreasing phenomenon, it does not damage the hair while removing dandruff and itching.

The mechanism of Piroctone olamine anti-dandruff and anti-itching is that it can effectively inhibit bacteria, decompose peroxides, reduce the irritation caused by peroxide products to the scalp, and has good anti-oxidative properties, which can fundamentally block the external channels of dandruff. This effectively cures dandruff and itching, rather than temporarily eliminating dandruff from the surface by degreasing, which is one of the reasons why Piroctone olamine's anti-dandruff and itching properties are better than similar products.

Piroctone olamine is less irritating.

Experiments have found that the soluble anti-dandruff agent Piroctone olamine will not accumulate in the skin after being absorbed by the skin. On the contrary, it can be quickly decomposed and has no residual substances. Therefore, it has no adverse effect on the skin after being absorbed by the skin, and the irritation is very small. Skin and mucous membrane irritation were not significantly increased compared to the blank shampoo. Moreover, Piroctone olamine can quickly combine with iron ions contained in wastewater systems, lose its original toxicity, and is less harmful to aquatic organisms.

Additional product benefits of Piroctone olamine.

Piroctone olamine has good solubility and compounding properties. Piroctone olamine can be mixed with a variety of hair conditioners (such as polyquaterniums) and surfactants without precipitation or delamination. And in some cases, this formulation can also increase the solubility of Piroctone olamine and the adsorption of Piroctone olamine on the hair. Second, Piroctone olamine has broad-spectrum antibacterial properties and can be used to treat dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. It has a better bacteriostatic effect on gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria and compared with bacteria, Piroctone olamine has a better bacteriostatic effect on fungi. In addition, Piroctone olamine acts as an antioxidant. Piroctone olamine can affect the enzyme system involved in iron, can slow down the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, triglycerides, cholesterol, etc., play an antioxidant role, fundamentally block the external channels of dandruff, and effectively remove dandruff.

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